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  • SAP HANA Basics and Technical concepts
  • Introduction to SAP HANA studio
  • Introduction to ABAP development tools(ADT)
  • Introduction to the EPM sample application


  • SAP HANA a Secondary  data base-Access via Open SQL
  • Preparing for SAP HANA
  • Guided performance analysis
  • Performance roles and guidelines for SAP HANA

Code to data with SAP HANA as Secondary Data base

  • Classical open SQL and its limitations
  • ABAP data base connectivity (ADBC)
  • Native SQL syntax
  • Working with views in SAP HANA studio
  • Normal Calculation view
  • Calculation view using joins
  • Consuming SAP HANA view in native SQL
  • Calling SAP HANA views in ABAP
  • Working with data base procedures in SAP HANA studio
  • Calling SAP HANA procedures in ABAP

Optimizing ABAP on primary data base SAP HANA

  • New open SQL in ABAP using different functionalities
  • Core Data Services in ABAP
  • Simple CDS view
  • CDS view with single  parameters
  • CDS view with multiple parameters
  • CDS view with joins
  • CDS view with associations
  • CDS view with table functions

Using ABAP-Managed Database Procedures

  • ABAP-Managed Database Procedures
  • Debugging ABAP-Managed Database Procedures

SAP HANA Proxy Objects

  • Accessing SAP HANA Views in ABAP Dictionary External Views
  • Transport of SAP HANA Objects
  • HTC(HANA Transport Container)
  • HTA(HANA  Transport container For ABAP)
  • Calling SAP HANA Procedures via ABAP Database Procedure proxies

Advanced Topics

  • Using SAP HANA Full Text Search
  • ABAP List Viewer (ALV) with Integrated Access to SAP
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