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SAP C4C Functional Content

S.No Topic Status Days
1 Introduction Start Date  
  System Landscape    
  Tenant Landscape    
2 Administration    
  Log in with Initial User ID    
  Create Service Agent    
  Authorization to service agent    
  Lock initial User ID & Pwd    
3 Project Scope    
4 Organizational Management    
  Define Job definitions    
  Create Employee    
  Define Employee Number Range    
  Create Org Structure    
  Assign employee to org structure    
  Define Division    
  Define Distribution Channel    
5 Account Management    
  Define number ranges for business partners    
  Define Customer Roles    
  Define Relationship Type    
  Define Party Roles    
  Fine Tuning Activities of Contact    
  Fine Tuning fo General Business Partner    
  Duplicate Check of Business Partners in scoping and fine tunining    
  Account Merge    
6 Products    
  Create Product Hierarchy    
  Create Product Categories    
  Material Number Ranges    
7 Pricing    
  Base Price List    
  Discount List    
  Configure C4C Price Strategy    
  Integration of Pricing with ECC/CRM    
  External Condition Types & Pricing Procedure maintenance    
8 Service Ticket Management    
  Create Incident (OSS Message)    
  Follow Incident    
9 Marketing    
  Marketing Lead    
  Marketing Lead fine tune Configurations    
  Maintain Number Range    
  Define Involved Parties    
  Configure Lead Status    
  Marketing Attributes    
  Create Target Group    
  Create Campaign    
  Maintain E-Mail Settings    
10 Sales    
10.1 Opportunity Management    
  Define Number Range    
  Define Document Type    
  Configure Custom Status    
  Configure Involved Parties    
  Define Sales Cycle    
  Define Sales Phase    
  Define Sales Assistant    
  Integration of Opportunity with Pricing Simulation in SAP ECC    
  Integration of Opportunity with Sales Quote Processing    
  Integration of Opportunity with Sales Order Processing    
10.2 Quotation Management    
  Define Document Type    
  Define Number Range    
  Maintain Item Types    
  Maintain Involved Parties    
  Integration of Sales Quotes with Sales Order Processing    
10.3 Sales Order    
  Define Document Type    
  Define Number Range    
  Maintain Item Types    
  Maintain Involved Parties    
  Maintain Involved Item Parties    
11 Service    
11.1 Service Ticket    
  Define Service Ticket Document Types    
  Maintain Status Schemas    
  Define Involved Parties    
  Define Item Processing Codes    
  Define Item Processing Determination    
  Service Ticket Integration with SAP ECC    
11.2 Service Level Agreements    
  Define Service Level    
  Define Service Level Determination    
12 Integration    
  Define Communication System    
  Define Communication Arrangement    
  Maintain Code List Mapping    
  Maintain ID Mapping for Integration    
  Data Replication Monitoring    
  Middleware Connectivity in ECC    
  Ports in ECC    
  Partner Profile    
  ALE Distribution Model    
13 UI Configuration (ADAPTATION)    
  Hide Field    
  Make Field Visible    
  Rename Field    
  Create New Field    
  Z Field Exntesion Scenarios    
  Import & Export    
14 Mobile Integration    
15 Outlook Integration    
  Maintain integration settings in Outlook    
  Download Contacts    
16 Approvals    
  Define Approval Process    
  Maintain Conditions    
  End Validity of existing Approval Process    
  Activate Approval Process    
17 Workflows/Actions    
  Define Workflow Rules    
  Maintain Conditions    
18 Business Roles & Authorization    
  Define Business Role    
  Define Page Layouts    
  Define Code List Restrictions    
  Assign Business Role to Users    
19 Data Workbench    
  Download Migration Templates    
  Upload Migration Template    
  Download Data Template    
  Upload Data Template    
20 Go Live Activities    
  Close Fine-Tune Activities    
  Confirm Go-Live Readiness Acceptance    
  Confirm Go-Live    
  Close Project    
  Assign Contact    
21 Reports    
  Creation of Data Sources    
  Creation of Reports    
  Designing of Reports    
  Report assignment to Users    
  Download and Upload Reports    
22 C4C Functionalities, Feed, Shelf, Tag, Follow    
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