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SAP Security Content

What is SAP
What is ERP
Why SAP is needed
Importance of SAP Security
Introduction SAP Modules
Topic 1: Introduction to SAP and SAP Security
i. Transaction codes
ii. Landscape
Topic 2: User Administration.
A. Single user creation SU01
B. Mass user creation SU10
C. User Types
D. User groups for the purpose to use it
Topic 3: Role Administration.
A. Role types
B. Introduction to Authorization objects
C. Add manually authorization objects/T-codes.
D. Traffic lights
E. Mass user comparison.
F. H. Expert mode of role generation
Topic 4: Importance of Tcode SUIM
Topic 5: Role Transport
Topic 6: Importance of SU24
Topic 7: Table Security
Topic 8: Creating Authorization group
Topic 9: SAP Security Tables and Reports
Topic 10 : Importance of SU21
Topic 11: Importance of SU22
Topic 12: Troubleshooting Authorization Issue
I. SU53
II. ST01
Topic 13: SAP Background Jobs
Topic 14: Critical Authorization Objects & Tcodes in Production

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