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SAP S4 HANA Transportation Management 1809 & 1909 Introduction

  • Overview of SAP Transportation Management System
  • Transportation Management from Industry Practice Perspective
  • Understanding Transportation Management from Shipper Scenario and LSP Scenario
  • Mode of Operation of SAP S4HANA TM
  • Solution Architecture of SAP S4HANA TM

SAP S4 HANA Transportation Management Enterprise Structure

  • Setup
  • Difference in the Organizational Structure setup for Shipper and LSP
  • Purchase Organisation & Purchase Group
  • Planning Execution Organisation & Planning Execution Group
  • Sales Organizational, Sales Office, Sales group

SAP S4 HANA Transportation Management Master Data

  • Locations
  • Transportation Zone
  • Transportation Lane
  • Schedule
  • Default Route
  • Business Partner
  • Transhipment Point
  • Incoterm Location Concept
  • Resource Master and means of Transport
  • Overview of GIS
  • Configuration behind Setup of various Master Data

SAP S4HANA TMS Requirement/Order Management

  • Sales Order Integration Scenario
  • Order Based and Delivery based Transportation Requirement
  • Control Key Concept and Various Configuration
  • Forwarding Order Management including route and Movement type Concept
  • Charge Estimation
  • Forwarding Quotation

SAP S4HANA Transportation Capacity Management

  • Overview of Capacity Management in the SAP TM Scenario
  • Systematically Creating Schedule based Freight Document
  • Schedule Change Management

SAP S4 HANA Transportation Planning. (Freight unit and Freight Order Management in Embedded SAP S4 HANA TM 1809/1909) SAP Freight Units Management

  • Definition and Configuration of Freight Unit Type
  • Properties of Freight Unit
  • Freight Unit Building Rule

SAP Freight Order Management

  • Freight Order Creation and different ways to trigger it
  • Configuration of Freight Order Type
  • Manual Planning
  • Selection Profiles
  • Planning Profiles
  • Transportation Cockpit
  • Transportation Page Layout

SAP TMS Automatic Planning

  • Optimizer Overview
  • Configure Optimizer Settings
  • Importance of Various Strategies
  • VSR Algorithm
  • Explanation Tool

SAP Carrier Selection & Sub-Contracting

  • Process Overview
  • Carrier Selection Constraint and Configuration
  • Means and Modes of Transport

Integration of Service Order

  • Usage of Service Order in Shipper Scenario
  • Configuration related to Service Order

SAP S4HANA Transportation Execution/Control/Monitor (Standalone TM and Embedded TM Perspective)

  • Execution & Monitoring Deal with Handling Freight and Providing Visibility of Shipments by using SAP EM
  • Statuses of Execution Documents
  • Overview of Discrepancy Concept
  • Overview of PPF Concept for understanding Output Management Concept

SAP S4HANA Transportation Charge Management

  • Agreement Determination and Creation and Various Configuration to setup
  • Scales Template
  • Rate Table Template
  • TCCS Template
  • Charge type Setup
  • Calculation Profile and Charge Profile

Transportation Settlement Process

  • Configuration behind Freight Settlement Document Type
  • Settlement Profile
  • Service Master Setup and Linkage to Create Service PO and Service Entry Sheet

Overview of SAP TM Integration with Other Modules (Only Theory Concepts)

  • SAP TM - EWM Overview
  • SAP TM - EM Overview
  • SAP TM - EHS Overview
  • SAP TM - GTS Overview

Consider SAP TM Strength and Limitation SAP TM Technical Concept

  • Storing Data in BOPF Framework
  • Different BADI used in SAP TM
  • Floorplan Manager and BOPF integration
  • Different Database Tables and Fields used in SAP TM
  • Understanding Strategies and Process Controller Framework
  • Helper Classes

SAP S/4HANA Features

  • Difference Between Standalone TM & Embedded TM in S/4HANA
  • POWL Concept
  • Coversion Techniques to S4HANA

Delta Feature Between 1709 & 1809 & 1909

  • New Functionalities in 2020
  • Config Nodes Added in 1909


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